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May 5, 2021

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Bob Hinshelwood

"Could I say something about the term 'Steering Group'...?"

In a brief and incisive statement, Prof. R.D. Hinshelwood puts his finger on an ongoing crisis and point of decision for the Association of Therapeutic Communities.

Recorded on June 21st, 2003 during a 24-hour conference called to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Association of Therapeutic Communities. Day 1 concentrated on "The Past". Day 2 concentrated on The Future".

3 mins. 35 secs.

Sarah Paget describes the "ATC-in-24" Conference:

"The Steering Group has been undergoing a period of reflection on the nature of our existence – the past, present and future of the ATC, as well as the function of the executive committee and aims and objectives of the ATC as a whole. In an intensive twenty-four hour residential event called “ATC in 24” on June 20th-21st, members of the Steering Group met with a number of the founders and other ‘elders’ of the ATC, and representatives of Charterhouse Group and Planned Environment Therapy Trust, to think of the future by examining the past and sharing the present. Needless to say, many issues were raised during this ‘witness’ and future development weekend! In essence, it was agreed by all present that ATC needs to clarify just where we go from here, in the light of where we’ve come from."

Read Sarah Paget's whole report: "New Group", The Joint Newsletter 8, 2003.

See Maddy Loat's description of Day 1: "ATC-in-24: Reflections on the Association of Therapeutic Communities' 30th Anniversary Witness Event", The Joint Newsletter 9, 2003:

"One of the questions which was raised at the end of the first day was whether the ATC is radical enough. The answer to this seemed to be a resounding ‘No’..."

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First Broadcast: 19 June 2006


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Tom Harrison

"Chaos Complexity and Therapeutic Communities"

Windsor Conference Guest Lecture

September 5, 2007

introduced by ATC Chair

Chris Holman

62 mins.

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First Broadcast: 8 September 2007

PowerPoint Presentation


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Image:P6s2-0003before.jpg BEFORE

Gary Winship, Treasurer | Kevin Healy, Chair | Chris Newrith, Secretary




Please note: This recording of the ATC AGM was made on the understanding that material would only be broadcast with the consent of those speaking. One topic was flagged up as sensitive by the speaker who introduced it, and that section has been omitted.

84 minutes

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First Broadcast: 8 September 2007



Inma Vidana, Treasurer | Chris Holman, Chair | Chris Newrith, Secretary

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