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May 5, 2021

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RadioTCI 3


"Talking with Stuart Whiteley -"

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1: Maxwell Jones and the Henderson Hospital

Dr. J. Stuart Whiteley was Director of the Henderson Hospital from 1966-1988, a founding member of the Association of Therapeutic Communities, and co-founder of the ATC Windsor Conferences.

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First Broadcast: 20.March.2006

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2: Reflections on "Community as Doctor"

J. Stuart Whiteley, "Retrospective Review: Reflections on 'Community as Doctor'", International Journal of Therapeutic Communities 11:1 (1990), pages 61-64

Read by Craig Fees

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First Broadcast: 14.April.2006


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Licence

Programme one was taken from an interview recorded by Dr. Craig Fees with Dr. J. Stuart Whiteley on October 29, 1990, as part of the oral history programme of the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre. The recording identification number is (T)CF010. Dr. Whiteley assigned copyright in the recording and transcript to the Archive and Study Centre, and agreed that they could be made available for research, broadcast and exhibition purposes. The full transcript and recording can be consulted at the Archive and Study Centre.
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